Go Back to Work – Professor Asare to Domelevo

Constitutional law activist, Professor Stephen Kweku Asare  has questioned the  presidential directive to send Ghana’s Auditor-General, Daniel Yao Domelevo on an extended leave saying it did not match up to the dictates of the 1992 Constitution of the Republic.

Speaking on Plan B FM’s morning show, Nkosuo Nsem , the scholar-activist asserted the need to protect the independence of the Auditor-General’s office since it was established to maintain checks and balances on the three Organs of State namely the Legislature, Judiciary and the Executive.   

Prof. Asare believes the Auditor-General has been “constructively removed from office” and urged Domelovo to defy the order by virtue of the vacuum that would be created by his absence.

“The president doesn’t have the power to send the Auditor-General on leave and if I were Domelevo, I would return to the office and work. Ghana’s constitution does not provide for an acting Auditor-General so how are we going to cope” he said. 

Professor Asare also stated that Domelevo who was appointed to the high office of Auditor-General by former President John Mahama after his 2016 election defeat, was generally perceived as against the current government given the timing of his appointment.