No More Monkey Dey Work and Baboon Dey Chop in NPP

Members of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Diaspora and the ones who have relocated to Ghana have been crying out loud about leadership crisis, political appointments brouhaha, and the management of the economy of the nation.

These are men and women who helped to change the Party structure (Internal Elections), raised large sums of money for elections, and also went down to campaign for the Party to win elections.

And yet only a negligible percentage of these people get appointed to positions of authority when the Party gains power.

Shouldn’t negotiated positions be guaranteed for them because of their roles in the campaigns and elections?

They are treated as foreigners looking for jobs in their native countries. Four years is always “around the corner” and the cycle gets repeated. Diaspora Party members get frustrated and complain to ears that are not ready to listen.

The reason is simple: they are “outside pissing in”.

In the meantime, the wife of the National Chairman of the Party is sent to Germany as Ghana’s Ambassador. The father-in-law of the Vice President is sent to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to represent Ghana. And he was the Chairman of People’s National Convention (PNC).

Don’t tell me about any strategic alliance because there was non!

The Vice President’s brother-in-law who joined the Party three months before Elections 2016 is “rewarded” with the position of Deputy NADMO Coordinator.

The son of the Speaker of Parliament is sent to India as Ghana’s High Commissioner. A new position is created for the son of Hon. Osafo Marfo, the Senior Minister. The President’s own “connection” is sent to the Kingdom of Denmark as Ghana’s

Ambassador (the tin my eye de see, my mouth no de talk).

Another of the President’s “connection” is sent to Brazil as Ghana’s Ambassador.

The son of the President’s “connection” is appointed as the CEO of Ghana’s Driver, Vehicle, Licensing Authority (DVLA).

The Diaspora Party members need to urgently change their strategy of being outside and “pissing in”.

Why do I say that? The reason is simple:

The one who wields power is the one who decides “who gets what, where, and when”.

Diaspora Party members need to start contesting for STRATEGIC National Party positions (National Chairman, General Secretary, Regional Chairman, etc) so they can control things from inside and help move the nation forward.

Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah couldn’t get the “established order” to understand the urgency of happenings at the time.

He quit and founded his own Party (the CPP).

It worked for him at the time.

The dynamics have changed and that strategy is not recommended at this time.

But the desired change can be achieved if Diaspora Party members gain control of the National Party.

Then they can work from inside and not “outside pissing in”.

Their expertise should not be wasted.

I shall return.

Kwesi Asamoah

Dallas, Texas, USA.